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Terraforming Mars

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ISBN: 696859265808


The taming of the Red planet has begun! Corporations are competing to transform Mars into a habitable planet by spending vast resources and using innovative technology to raise the tempature, create a breathable atmosphere, and make oceans of water. As terraforming progresses, more and more people will immigrate from Earth to live on the Red planet.

In Terraforming Mars, you control a corporation with a certain profile. Play project cards, build up production, place your cities and green areas on the map, and race for milestones and rewards!

Will your corporation lead the way into humanity’s new era?


1 omtale for Terraforming Mars

  1. Ashley Riddell

    NOT for everyone. For the more serious boardgamer. Plays well as a solo game with no compromise in the experience. Very enjoyable gameplay with depth yet not overly complicated in any way. You will need a couple of hours and a large table. Great game.

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