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Bonfire brettspill

  • 1-4
  • 70-120 min
  • Fra 12 år


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ISBN: 4250231727917


The engine for the game are the three-coloured tiles you will be puzzling onto your player board. When you manage to place the same colours adjacent to one another, you will receive more action tiles of that specific kind. This will allow you to specialize in certain types of actions and pursue different strategies. You can use the tiles to perform the following actions:

  • Move your ship to an island
  • Receive a task from an island by spending two resources
  • Invite a guardian of light into your city
  • Trigger a procession of guardians through your city and gain resources.
  • Add a landscape tile to your city (this is where the processions take place)
  • Recruit a gnome gaining a special ability or victory points
  • Find support by the last bonfire, gaining portals, resources or action tiles

You will play in turn order until a fixed number of tasks has been solved, after which each player has 5 more turns. During final scoring, you will receive points for your completed tasks (the bonfires) and any improvements made there (portals, landscapes or guardians).


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