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Arkham Horror Card Game – The Dunwich Legacy

  • 2
  • 60-120 min
  • Fra 14 år


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ISBN: 841333102296


The Dunwich Legacy is a deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

With five mini cards and 156 full-size cards, The Dunwich Legacychallenges you to find the missing professors and launches you into a campaign that leads to Miskatonic University, the notorious Clover Club, and beyond.

Five new investigators arrive to offer their services, armed with fifty-nine new player cards (including a complete playset of each) that allow you to pursue new deck-building strategies and new styles of play.

Finally, you’ll find all manner of new terrors arrayed against you—from backroom thugs and bad luck to arcane hexes and wholly unnatural abominations.


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